A New Beginning
one bite
It's strange because while usually the healthy thing to do, as we are told at least, is to get out from behind the computer screen and go out into the world to make friends. Friends who love us for who we are, friends who are "real." As I get older I find myself more and more, wanting to be as open as I have always been but at the same time much more reserved with the information that I want to share with those who would see me face to face. In this, I have come to the conclusion that I need an active online presence. One that will provide me friends who can see who I really am without the fear that those who know me in real life may judge me, perhaps at times, more harshly than they should.
I had a Livejournal years ago. It still exist but has been long since abandoned. Many people from my real life past are connected to it so I don't want to go back to it. In the interest of moving forward......
So here it exists, a place where I can talk freely about my life.
Now, I wonder if I'll actually get any friends.......


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